Do you ever wonder what is the toughest work in this world? It’s actually following the phrase “till death do us apart”. Today we don’t think twice before jumping into a relationship. We don’t think about the responsibilities that love brings with itself. The sacrifices one has to make. Afterall falling in love is easy but the latter part is the hard one. But there are still some couples who give us the relationship goals. So how do they do it? Is there a secret? Actually, there is. There are certain things that one can do to make their relationship last. Let’s have a look at those 10 Amazing Ways To Make Your Relationship Last.

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1. Not scripted

Life is a bitch. Whatever you plan on your life, it will take a different path. Same with your relationship. If you try to plan out your entire journey, the distortions will hurt. That’s why to embrace the changes with an open arm. The less you expect, the better it will be.

2. Not for granted

With time even love gets a bit dusty. You might be very busy in your life but still, make time for each other. Never take each other for granted. If you take each other’s love for granted then you settle into a routine and this makes your relationship die a slow death.

3. Surprise

With time the surprise element fades away in almost all the relationship. With our hectic schedule, we fail to make time for our loved ones. Leave alone planning something special. But the mystery in your relationship actually nurtures the love. That’s why to take time to surprise each other. Plan a dinner or a trip.

4. Accept the changes

Ok let’s get one thing straight, change is inevitable. You can try everything you want but there will still be changes. Over time people change emotionally. They grow mature and their behavior goes through a change. Time even takes a toll on your physical appearance. See your partner beyond these changes. Love them for who they are and ignore the slight belly pouch they have grown.

5. New

Most relationships die because of the monotonous routine they fall into. Just like your wardrobe, your relationship too needs something new from time to time. Get out of that routine and try something new and exciting. Excitement is a great medicine for a dying relationship

6. Fights

Relationships and fights go hand in hand. You can’t keep fights at bay if you want a serious relationship. Some fights turn real ugly. You guys end up despising each other. But don’t get a hang of this. Think why you fell in love at the first place. Find your way back to love and love will guide you towards your partner.

7. Silliness

Being silly around your partner actually shows that you trust them. You don’t have your guards up. This really brings two people closer. That’s why throw your cautious and sophisticated nature out of the window and take a dive in the fun world.

8. Money matters

This is absolutely cheap. If you start fighting over this then your relationship is already doomed. Money is necessary. Sit together and talk what you want with your life. Discuss your problems together. Fighting over the matters that can be solved with a little try makes your relationship weak.

9. A team

Always take each other’s back. You guys are together. Don’t ever allow a third person a better place among you guys. If your partner is in a trouble then show that you got his/ her back. This not only strengthens your love but also makes your partner feel more secure and confident.

10. Admit your fault

ship it’s a good idea to keep your ego at bay. It’s a risky business to give your ego an upper hand. Most of the relationship breaks because someone finds it too hard to say a small sorry. That’s why start saying sorry for your faults.

Love is not easy. But don’t leave each other’s hand during this journey. Love needs nurturing. Nurture love and let love nurture you.


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