10 Couple Goals To Follow

Nowadays the definition of a happy relationship has changed. And it has changed drastically. Now, for looking up a happy couple, we go straight to the Instagram pages. According to social media, cuddling 24/7, going out, gifts is the only way to be happy. But is it true? If there isn’t trust between you and your partner, will a trip bring you happiness? No right. So, it’s high time that we stop looking up to those picture perfect couples and blaming our relationship. This is the worst you can do to your relationship. Never ever judge your own relationship while looking at another one. Let alone a mere image of two people holding hands looking over the sunset. These are definitely not the real relationship goals to have. They just show the superficial side of a relationship. The roots of a real relationship go way down. So, the real couple goals that you should follow and, follow ardently are-

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#1 Having true trust

Instead of pondering over those pretty images of couples over the mountain, try and grow your trust. You obviously don’t want to be at the top of the mountain with a person whom you don’t trust.

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#2 Being honest with each other

This is definitely a couple goal to follow. You should be in a relationship where you guys are able to tell each other everything. Fulfilling this goal will take your relationship to the next level.tumblr owaecjDwFt1uxfy0ro1 500 300x269 - 10 Couple Goals To Follow


#3 Open communication

Communication is by far the most important thing in a relationship. If you can’t communicate with your partner then you are not having a real relationship. Whatever you do, no matter how many cute selfies you take, it is going downhill. So, start communicating.

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#4 Caring about each other’s safety

A real relationship is where you feel safe and secure with your partner. Your relationship should give you the sense of security and protection. If you don’t feel safe with your partner then there’s definitely something you should think about.2394019606 300x203 - 10 Couple Goals To Follow


#5 Caring about one another’s happiness more than your own

Love is selfless. So, the biggest goal that you should look forward to is being happy in each other’s happiness. That’s when you reach the stage of selfless love. And this is the best place to be in.b074465b8cea1df75b67cf75046a0a49 300x300 - 10 Couple Goals To Follow


#6 Reserving time to spend together

Spending time together is a luxury. Most of the couple can’t afford this. That’s why you need to make an effort for this. Prioritizing your needs helps a lot in this matter.large 1486270840802 300x300 - 10 Couple Goals To Follow


#7 Caring for each other’s family as your own

Love isn’t selfish and showing your love for each other’s family kinda proves the point. It’s not easy to love someone else’s family as your own. And that’s why fulfilling this couple goal is a big deal for your relationship. If you guys care about each other’s family, it shows that you see yourself to be a part of that family time in the future.
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#8 Supporting each other’s dreams

Supporting each other’s dream is not an easy task. You go through many ups and downs. But at the end of the day, we all want someone who stands beside us, we all need someone who supports our dreams. This is an important couple goal to have.classy couple cute fancy Favim.com 3978787 300x300 - 10 Couple Goals To Follow


#9 Working as a team

When you are in a relationship, you guys become two bodies and one soul. You guys are a team. You not only got each other’s back but you take each other’s dreams and try to fulfill it. This takes your relationship to a euphoric place.tumblr inline nhdc9kn5rI1swxj5n 300x300 - 10 Couple Goals To Follow


#10 Being best friends

This is a goal that paves way for other fun goals. If you guys are friends, there won’t be any boredom. You people will love spending time together, you guys will share everything with each other. You guys will become an integral part of each other’s life. There will always be fun as your love is your best friend. So, buckle-up and get down to this couple goal.original 1 1 300x200 - 10 Couple Goals To Follow


It’s time to bid adieu to all those fake couple goals. If you don’t fulfill these real relationship goals, you will never reach that “picture perfect” phase. So, all the best.

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