Kiss, is the best possible way of showing someone your true feelings for them. There’s a type of kiss for all types of relationships in this world. Be it your mother, brother, daughter, friend or girlfriend. There’s always a style to show your love. Though there may be a hell lot of styles of a kiss but, at the end of the day it all mean the same age old thing, love. Kiss is not only an instrument to measure your feelings but also a great device to know secrets of your relationship. Also there are some exotic kissing styles that are yet to be tried by many. So, scroll down and  read the 10 Kissing Styles You Gotta Try Now.

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10. Another too Much.

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When you thought that there can be just too much tongue, too much mouth comes. There’s nothing as too much when it comes to kissing.


9. Halitosis

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Here you close your nose and brain and just do it anyway. Well I hope you won’t faint.



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