In most of the cases it’s the girls who express their emotions, love and feelings. Men are mostly reserved when it comes to expressing their feelings. But just because he is unable to show his love for you, dosen’t mean that he don’t love you. Because of an age old stereotype that men should be strong and in order to do so, shouldn’t show any emotions, is still prevailing. So, don’t break into a fight because of this. These are 10 Things He Secretly Loves About You.

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10. Expressing Your Love For Him.

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Though he is unable to show his true emotions, but, you showering your love on him means a great deal for him. It actually makes him feel good about himself, boosts his confidence. He loves the fact that his presence matters in your life.

9. When You Feel Shy Near Him.

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Boys love the fact when their presence flushes your cheeks. When you smile coyingly or you become a bit shaky when he’s around, well, he notices all of them and infact adores them.



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