Some people are just lucky to come in a relationship and gradually falling in love with their partner. On the other hand, some people love a person for quite some time even without their own knowledge. So, which category do you fall in? Falling in love is not going to be like in movies. There won’t be violins playing, no background dancers, and nothing will turn into slow motion. So, then how to know if you have fallen in love? Love is a very silent thing. Only way to know love is to check your own behavior. Do you want to know if you are in love? Keep reading these 10 Things That Will Tell You If You Are In Love.

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1. You want their reaction

This happens mainly if you guys are classmates or colleagues. You often act in a breezy way to check if that person reacts in a certain manner. You don’t want a random person’s attention. We want attention from someone who matters.

2. Dates minus fun

When you unknowingly fall in love, you don’t go in a relationship. But still, a part of you knows who’s right for you. That’s why when you go to dates with other people, you either get bored to death or you look for an escape.

3. Lose control over speech

People tend to lose their control over their speech when they are in proximity to their special ones. You say something dirty or awkward even if you are not like that.

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4. Growing comfort

You feel strangely comfortable with this person. You guys spend hours talking to each other or you are each other’s first choice when it comes to an outing. Need I say more?

5. I care

When you met this person, you came to know a lot about him or her. You didn’t give any thought to these then. But now you find yourself wondering about those things. So, why the hell does those matter so much? Time to wake up honey.

6. Priority

You would rather be with that person than with anybody else. You are hanging out with your friends and he/she suddenly wants to meet, you don’t think twice, either before inviting them over or bidding your friend’s goodbye. This happens when you fall in love.

7. The first name in the contact list

He or she is the only person you are talking to these days. Text, call, whatever, just name it and they are there. Not only you guys are talking relentlessly, you guys are actually liking it.

8. Mirror mirror on the wall

Ah! This is the best part. When you like someone, you become awfully concerned about your looks. Be it good dresses or a new hairstyle. Mirror becomes your best friend.

9. Open-up

You open-up to this person quite naturally. And what’s odd is, this doesn’t feel odd. You are so comfortable around this person that you end up sharing even your deepest darkest secret.

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10. New hobbies

When you start loving someone you start behaving like them a little. You either take some of their hobbies or you start going to the restaurant he or she likes. Their favorite movie becomes your favorite too.

So, are you in love? If yes, don’t hide your feelings. If you love someone, it’s best to let them know. Yeah but only if it’s legit. Remember an oops is always better than what if.




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