We know you love your girl but sometimes you should assert it too. Afterall nobody is a mind-reader. But in case, you are the kind of guy who has problems in getting all mushy, these 20 romantic texts might save you.

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1. I always looked for someone I could live with, but I ended up with someone I couldn’t live without. 

2. You are my all-time favorite.

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3. The day we met is a day I will cherish till the end of time.

4. No matter how busy we are, you will still be my priority. 

5. Your lips are like drugs, can’t stay in my senses after touching them.

6. I don’t read love stories but ours is worth a read.

7. I wanted to give you a beautiful rose but then I thought why to make the flower jealous. 

8. By distance you are far but, by heart, thoughts, and eyes, you are sitting next to me. 

9. You are the fun that my life was running short of. 

10. You are the most important part of my life. 

11. Roses are red

Violets are blue

Oh my darling

I love you.

12. A beautiful girl like you should always be reminded how beautiful you are.

13. I hope I am fulfilling your dream of a knight in shining armor.

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14. Our match is made in heaven. Thank God I have such an intelligent and beautiful woman to share my life with.

15. Ok here’s a GK question. Do you know why there are spaces between our fingers? So that we can fill them by holding each other’s hands.

16. Love is blind that’s why I couldn’t see you earlier.

17. Do you want to know what I want? I want to be holding your hands even after 50yrs of our marriage. 

18. I wish I was as talented as John Keats and others. I would have written you a poem every day. I love you

19. I don’t like sleeping anymore. The reality is finally better than the dreams. I love you.

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20. I love you. Just can’t have enough of you. I love you

A sweet text a day keeps the fight at bay.

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