Being a girl, I always worry if I am with the right guy or does he actually loves me. Well, now I know when to wear your best hells and kick him out of your life. So, if these questions come to your mind too, then look out for these 3 signs.We all jump into a relationship, dreaming of a fairytale. Our expectations of perfection sometimes go beyond the real world.These are the 3 Sure Shot Signs Of His Real Intentions.

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1. Ready-Set-Go

He will always be in a hurry. Even if you guys are meeting after some days he will just ask you for sex first. Your guy is never gonna ask how was your day or what’s going in your life. Talking about the future of the relationship is never gonna happen. All you will hear is “why do you wanna talk? Just blow hard”.

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2. Talking Is Strictly Prohibited

If he’s just looking for the physical needs there won’t be much talking. He will probably ignore you the whole time and is gonna reply only to talk about sex. Everytime you start a topic (non- sexual), he will still go past it and start with $ex and $ex .

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3. $ex Is All I Want

Whenever you guys plan to meet, he wants you in the bed. And once you are done with sex, he leaves. Yes, that’s right. All he is looking forward to is sex. He won’t waste his time with cuddling after sex. He will ask you to be prepared for him so that he can get over with it real quick.

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So now that you know his dreadful Real Intentions, make sure you look for them in your unhappy and irritating relationship. Sex is important for a relationship but only sex will make it a sex-ationship. So say goodbye to this dumb fuck and set sail for true love.


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