The first stage of a relationship is always filled with fun and passionate lovemaking. There’s fun in everything. From a formal dinner party to cooking together, every activity feels like a dreamy affair. But as time passes, all these takes a back seat. No relationship can survive without a little bit of passion. No matter how hard you try to keep your relationship fresh and alive after sometime it’s bound to face this stage of monotony. So, does it mean that it’s time to part your ways? Absolutely not. There are ways to rekindle that fire amongst you. Scroll through to know the 4 Ways To Spice Up Your Relationship.

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1. New Lingerie

There’s no denying the effect of a sexy lingerie on a man. Try different colours or designs. Go for prints or a different style. This will surely make things spicy in your life. When we stay in a relationship for a long time, we start ignoring the need to dress up or look sexy. So, it’s time to give your wardrobe a makeover. Change everything you have with sexy. Get ready to dive into the sea of passion.

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2. Hug Tighter. Kiss Longer

Say goodbye to those quick pecks before going to work or those 5 seconds kiss. If you want that passionate relationship back then there are certain things that need attention. A small change in the attitude will go a long way. But don’t make anything too big. These changes take time. That’s why to have patience and go-slow.

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3. Be Present

The long-term couples get so caught up with their professional life or the constant worrying about future that they completely forget about the life inside their bedroom. Most of the people bring work to the bed. This is awful. If you want to make things spicy, the most important thing is to be present. Do one thing at a time. Don’t multitask. When you are in bed, try to concentrate on what’s happening there.

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4. A Masseuse

A great massage holds the key to many emotions. Don’t know how to? Well, there are classes for this. If you can’t attend the classes then there are other ways to learn this skill too. Know the pressure points. A correct message can work wonders. After having a long day, a great massage will lift up his mood. Learn the art of massage. Everything needs patience and dedication.

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Even the process of rejuvenating passion in your relationship. The best way is to, learn- practice- apply. A little change here and there will really make it happen.


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