Masturbation is a very common thing in our life. But sometimes even the most commonest thing can give your life a jolt. But apparently masturbation has a good effect on our health. And it’s not just a mere statement but it has been proved by the doctors too. I bet there are certain things that you might wanna know about this.Here are 5 Points To Keep In Mind Before You Masturbate,Scroll down and keep reading.

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1. Compulsive masturbation effects.

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Well, as they say there’s good and bad to everything. According to research, compulsive masturbation in men leads to unwanted curvature of the penis and in women, the clitoris looses its sensitivity because of the rough use of fingers. Be careful next time.

2. Benefits of Mast*rbation.

Yes, there are benefits of masturbation. Doctors have found some ways in which masturbating helps your body. It helps the foreskin roll-over smoothly and also prevents premature ejaculation. An orgasm helps in the release of endorphins also known as the happy hormone.

3. Mast*rbation is Healthy.

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It’s a common belief that excessive masturbation causes impotency etc. But this is completely false. Doctors say, it is as normal as $3xual intercourse. Intercourse and masturbation are the same thing and the same thing happens to your penis in both the cases.

4. Back Pain.

People often complain about a bad pain after masturbation. Lower back pain, cramps or pains in the pelvic area or in the tailbone region, groin pain and pain in the testicles which is common among the ones who masturbate too much. So, the next time you feel a pain in these positions don’t get all worried.

5. Hard Squeezing.

According to doctors, more than 10% of penile fractures occur because of vigorous movement during sex or masturbation. Forcefully bending or squeezing too hard an erect penis can rupture the chambers that fill with blood and causes a penile fracture.

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There are many other things that should be kept in mind but these are the 5 most Points To Keep In Mind Before You Mast*rbate.

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