We often compliment other couples that they are made for each other. But how to know if they are indeed made for each other? Love is the most strongest feeling in this world. Every bond in this planet is binded by love. Let’s just say, without love, our world will stop working. Falling in love is easy but the toughest part is to stay in love. We are always excited to venture into the world of love but often forget the responsibilities that love brings. A relationship requires tremendous work from both sides. And if you are too lethargic to do your part, well, then love is not for you. But throughout this blissfully- sturdy journey, there will be signs which will dishearten you but there will be signs that will show that your relationship is meant to be. So, what are these signs? Here are all the 5 Signs That Proves You Are Made For Each Other.

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5. Being vulnerable.

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I know vulnerability is considered as a weakness but sometimes it comes as a blessing in disguise. For a life long relationship it’s important to depend on each other, emotionally. And opening​ up your heart to your loved one make you vulnerable but also strengthens your love. It’s important to share your feelings and secrets when you are in a relationship. So, if this makes you vulnerable, not a big deal.


4. Mutual respect.

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Respect is an integral part of a relationship. If you don’t respect your partner, your brain will wander and you might fall for somebody else. When you have mutual respect, you accept them for what they are. You don’t try and change them. When you start respecting the differences amongst you, it’s the universe asking you to be together.


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