$ex, kiss, physical touch, all are important in a relationship. But when it’s only $ex above everything else then it’s a red sign. There’s a very thin line between love and lust. But now a days this line is vanishing and all people want is, $ex. But surrendering to lust means that you are missing out on the beautiful feeling called love.So, scroll down if you want to know what your partner really wants and read out the 5 Signs That Shows He’s not Right For You.

5. Let’s Worship $ex.

You are talking about movies, but he takes it to adult movies. You are talking about books and he takes it to eróticas. You went for shopping and all he wants is the $ex toy section. Oh God. Even the thought of this irritated me. Too much of everything is not good. Even $ex. This sort of a relationship will turn boring with time and it’s best to end it.


4. They Don’t Respect Your ‘NoS’.

I am sure there were times when you had to do it even if you were not in the mood. As this guy only cares about having $ex, he will never bring your mood etc into consideration. If someone’s there for a long-term, they knows that it’s ok if you are not in the right mood. But when it’s all lust, well you know the ans by now.




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