Love is definitely the most blissful feeling in this world. There’s nothing better than love. Lucky are those who fall in love. Nearly everyone falls in love but the difficult part is to stay in love. Love might be a beautiful feeling but it’s a difficult task. Majority of people fall out of love after some years. They can’t face the problems together and their relationship takes the blow of it. So why is it that things change after we have fallen in love?

To answer this, the journey of love has been divided into 5 major stages. These are just the time frame of how your feelings grow and the ups and downs your relationship face. The luckiest couples are, who, reaches the 5th stage. The 3rd being the most difficult, breaks up everything. But what exactly happens in these stages? Read and find out 5 Stages Of Love.

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Stage-5. The Power Couple.

Image 5397620 435 0 - 5 Stages Of Love : Only The True Couples Cross The 3rd Stage


Very few people actually grow old with the person they love. Most just keep dreaming of reaching this stage. If there was heaven on Earth, maybe it’s this feeling of togetherness. You actually have found your soulmate. You know there’s nothing stronger than your unbreakable bond. Together you can take on anything that comes your way. This is what a love story looks like. Here, you know that whatever you have with your partner, is for the lifetime. Till death do you apart.

Stage-4. Building Real Love.

couple on beach in love - 5 Stages Of Love : Only The True Couples Cross The 3rd Stage


This is a stable stage. If you have crossed the 3rd stage then you have already cleared out your differences. You already know that you can face the world if you guys are together. There’s immense trust between you guys. You accept each other in spite of all the differences and faults. This is the stage where you get together, for the lifetime.


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