Intimacy is an integral part of a relationship and cuddling is the best possible way of being intimate. Cuddling with your partner gives you a sense of safety and security. Cuddling is the best way to show your love when you are running shortage of words or too tired of a big gesture. It shows how you feel when your partner is with you.But just like any other thing, you need to set the mood for this. Now there are many ways of doing this. A good dinner, followed by a movie or a kiss. But how to make him reciprocate your urge for cuddling? Read to find out the 5 Steps Which Will Get Him To Cuddle.

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5. Start Off Slow.

Every good thing needs patience. So start off slowly. Don’t get all hasty. Let him take his time. Try setting the mood first. Be it a kiss or love-making, if your partner’s not in a good mood then don’t force them against their wish. Try light strokes in his hand or run your fingers through his hair. Make him feel comfortable.

4. Sit Closer.

While watching a movie, sit close to him. This will make him feel loved and desired. Hold his hand or lean on his shoulder. Make sure at least one of your body part is in touch. It makes your lover feel the warmth of your love. This will leave him wanting for more.

3. Make Him Touch You.

And I don’t mean with a gun on his head. Start by holding his hand. Then take his hand and wrap it around your shoulder. Or in some cases the waist. You can also place his hand on your lap. Or if you want to go beyond these places then make sure that your partner is comfortable with that.

2. The Sitting Position.

This is a very vital thing. Your sitting position tells a lot about what you want or how are you feeling. Make him lay on your lap, caress his face or play with his hair. Make eye-contact. In whatever position you guys are sitting, just make sure there’s eye-contact between you too. This works like magic.

1. Spooning.

In this, you hug your partner from behind. Be it a sudden hug in your couch or in bed. Give them a hug, then pull them towards you and wrap their body against yours. Spooning is the best way to cuddle. It makes your partner feel safe and secure.

As cuddling is an important thing, a little reading won’t hurt. Afterall, you wanna make sure that it’s not a selfish act of love.


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