Over time many writers, poets, singers have tried to define what love is. Everytime we fall in love we ask ourselves, is it love? So what exactly is love. And what is the best way of love. Like others, we too can’t explain love properly but these are some important ingredients to cook the best love.So scroll down and read 5 Things That Define What Love Is…

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5. Love Is When He Admires You.

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When you laugh your heart out and suddenly find him looking at you with a satisfaction in his eyes, or when you keep talking​continuously and find him staring at you. You know that minute that he admires everything about you. The way you talk or the way you laugh or the way you walk. The way you carry yourself. He admires you and honors your life choices.


4.When He Appreciates You.

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You know that he appreciates everything you do. Appreciation doesn’t only mean through words or compliment. Your guy can appreciate you even with his actions. He will always be there in all your decisions and will also help you achieve your goal.




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