5 Things Your Boyfriend Is Lying About

Now there are times when lying is the last resort. And it’s for the greater good too. If you ask your boyfriend how are you looking and the truth is harsh then lying is the safest thing to do. Or if the truth is going to hurt you then he takes the support of lying. But what are the most common topics that he is lying about? Wanna know the Things Your Boyfriend Is Lying About? Then scroll down and read.

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1. “I Never Look At Another Woman”

Let’s laugh first. Done. Like seriously? I am pretty sure there are times when you go for checking-out spree. Well, so does he. But an honest man will always own-up to his dirtiest secret. Whereas a lying one will show himself as the god of honesty and innocence.

2. “My Phone Was Silent”

Well, there are times when I keep my phone silent on purpose. But that’s not the permanent case. It’s like once in a blue moon situation. But if phone-on-silent is the regular rant that you are coming across then it’s a possibility that he is lying. He obviously considers you a disturbance. Girl, you keep your eyes open from now.

3. “She Keeps Texting Me For No Reason”

Oh c’mon. Grow up, guys. We know that you know why she is texting you. Even you know that we know, you know. So, if you caught him red-handed texting a random girl and he says that he doesn’t even know her, well let’s just say she’s not as random as you thought. Everybody knows why someone is with them. So, this is a white lie.

4. “You Don’t Look Fat”

This isn’t a big thing. Every guy lies about this then and now. But the thing is if he is really honest, he won’t lie about this. He will directly say that you have put on weight. This is the beauty of being in a serious relationship. You find comfort even in a harsh truth. Lying about your appearance shows how much he is concerned about you.

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5. “I Love Paying For You”

Why should he always pay for you? If you guys are going somewhere the payments and all should be equal. And a real man will say this. But when it comes to a lying one, he will put up a fake impression that he is capable of paying for you. But remember, fake things don’t last long.

Finding love is a tricky thing. Don’t lose your heart over these lies.

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