Change is the only constant. We have poets and authors who have lamented over this evervescent nature of life. Love is the same. When it’s new, everything seems lovely. But with time, even love fades. 100s of relationships have fallen prey to this. We always fight for renewing our relationship but most of us face failure. So, what’s the key for keeping the spark alive? How to make sure that your love doesn’t fade by time. Read along and find out the 5 Ways For Keeping Love Alive.

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5. Be Direct.

Always be direct in your approach. In most of the cases, we choose to hide our actual feeling about something. But these repressed emotions become the demon that eat away our love. Say what you feel or what you want. Don’t think that your partner will be judgemental. When we love someone, being judgemental is something that’s​ kept in bay.

4. No Negativity.

Relationship is not the place for negative thoughts. Negativity is not only bad for your relationship but also for your life. Excess negative thoughts will actually overshadow the positive stuffs that are happening around you. And if you don’t have a position approach, after sometime, everything will seem grey and you will find a way out.


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