Periods definitely a hard time with the mood swings, miserable cramps, and the low energy. But which one is the worst, the mood swings, the cramps, or the period cravings? Definitely, the cravings as it makes you eat all the unhealthy foods which are so not good for your system during this time. Not to worry, before you reach out for that plate of junk food, here are some food that will ease your period cravings.

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1. Green vegetables

Grasp on any green leafy vegetable that you come across. These are high on iron that your body loses during periods. You can mix and match these with any sort of dish that you eat during periods. Give your period cravings a healthy twist.

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2. Salmon

Remember those painful cramps that you face during her periods? Omega 3 fatty acids can give the best relief when it comes to cramps and the crank it is that your periods make you deal with. And, salmon is rich in that and that’s why a must eat during periods. In case you are not in love with fish, try walnuts or avocados.

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3. Chocolate

Need I say more? Period cravings and chocolate. This is just period cravings made better. Any other chocolate that you find in the shop opt for the darkest chocolate that you can get your hands on. It’s rich in magnesium and a definite must eat during periods.

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4. Whole grains

Great if you want to reduce muscle tenseness. Also, the vitamins present help you deal with depression and fatigue. Isn’t it it the best thing to eat during periods?

Product Grains - 6 Best Foods to Eat During Your Period


5. Yoghurt

Awesome flavour and rich in calcium. Case closed. It helps you deal with PMS and relaxes you. You can also go for broccoli and almonds.

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6. Banana

Best for potassium and iron. It boosts your mood and also regulates your digestive system. No wonder it’s a must eat during periods.

Health Benefits of Bananas - 6 Best Foods to Eat During Your Period


It’s time to say goodbye to the unhealthy food habits and to embrace the healthy ones.


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