6 Biggest Myths About Love That Could Harm Your Relationship

Romance though the most beautiful thing in the world, comes with it’s own share of myths. Yes, you read that right. The world of love, relationship and romance is surrounded by some age-old myths or beliefs that have ceased to exist. But if these are really non-existent then why are we talking about these? Well, the majority have parted their ways from these myths but there are still some who lives under the shadow of these myths. Wanna know what these myths are? Keep reading these 6 Biggest Myths About Love That Could Harm Your Relationship.

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1. People tend to believe that every great romance should be followed by a grand wedding. But what we need to realize is that wedding and love are two very different things. Love calls for permanence in this evervescent world, whereas, love is a type of social contract that binds you legally. Love can bud even in the most unlawful place.

2. I have lost counting of how many times I have heard the phrase “love is blind”. This is an ancient belief where one stays satisfied with whoever comes their way. But is love really blind? If your partner really has a negative trait, ignoring it is not the solution. It’s time we start thinking of getting ‘love’ a lense.

3. People who loves advising on other’s relationship keep on saying that sometimes a break from relationship is a good thing. But in reality, it’s the other way round. Be careful if you are thinking of taking this advise. Afterall, out of sight, out of mind is a proven factor.

4. Love and lust doesn’t go hand in hand. If you go for a romantic venture just for satisfying your libido, it’s going to go down the drain. The relationship, I didn’t mean anything else. That’s why enter a relationship only for the sake of love.

5. Get rid of the idea that you need wealth for making someone fall in love with you. Love is not based on material happiness. In place of boasting of your bank balance, a little closeness with your partner will do. Your partner wants your love and attention. Don’t mix up love with money.

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6. The idea of doing something grand everytime has made a permanent place in our brains. You don’t have to recreate the movie scenes or page no. 89 of the novel your partner is reading. Small gestures of love goes a long way. Prove your worthiness by doing small stuffs.

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These are the most intense myths that are being associated with love. Don’t let these spoil what you have. Happy loving.

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