We tend to think that we are perfect and we are fully playing our part in the relationship, it’s our partner who is the root of all problems. That’s not quite it. Sometimes it is our certain habits that make them pissed and behave rudely. So I guess it’s time to pinpoint those relationship-destroying stuff. Keep reading if you wanna work on it.Read out 6 of the most Common habits that are killing your relationship

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1. Not Helping Financially

Being in a relationship, you are expected to help your partner if he or she needs you, be it emotionally or financially. So not putting your hands in your pocket (not literally), is really not cool.

2. Staying Grumpy

Grumpy cat doesn’t look cute. Seriously. So if you think that your grim face actually looks cute or attractive, well, you are gravely mistaken. And nobody wants to live with someone who is incapable of showing their emotions. You need to show that you are happy to be with your partner or otherwise…

3. Being Too Clingy.

There are some people who tend to cling to their partner, day in and day out. This is really sick. Have a life and let your partner have a life too. Everybody needs some space and negating this results in a bad relationship.

4. Giving attention to Others.

When you are in a relationship, your sole priority should be your partner. So, always hanging out with others or trying to make others feel comfortable, while your guy/girl is sitting in the corner, is really not cool. When you are with someone, they expect to be your center of attention. So, ignoring them won’t take you the long way.

5. Doing Nothing.

So you two had a fight and you totally ghost your partner. You expect them to be okay all by themselves. But that’s not how it works darling. Take initiative. A relationship requires a lot of work from both the person. So, not playing your part and remaining passive isn’t a good idea.

6. Casual Flirting.

if casual flirting. This doesn’t mean anything. They normally use it to start up a conversation or making someone feel comfortable. Though it’s a very casual thing it’s a definite relationship killer.

P.S. – starting a conversation with flirting actually shows how weak your interacting skills are.

So, now that you know the don’ts of a relationship, try and not repeat these stuff. Ignoring these habits will only make your love grow and blossom


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