Arranged marriage has been a part and parcel of our society since a long, long time. It’s actually like a blind date but the difference is, you can’t call this off if you feel it’s going down the road. So, basically it’s a process where your family chose a pretty or handsome girl/ guy who will be good for the family and also for your bed. Ahem! If you are lucky enough you will be a part of the entire screening process and your decision will be asked for but if this doesn’t happen, well, all the best. So let’s hear it for arranged marriages this time and why they seem more successful,Here are The 6 Reasons Why Arranged Marriage Is Best For You.

1. Name is Bond, Family Bond.

Families have a great role to play in arranged marriages. It’s your family who spread the news of your bachelorhood, receives the calls from your prospective in-laws, sets up the round-table conference. So one vital reason behind the success of these marriages is the bond that grows between the two families.

2. Nurturing Of Love.

It’s the families that interact with the bride/groom. So the new member comes close to the family. And this closeness with the in-laws actually helps to nurture the love between the newly weds. The bride/groom already knows that either respects their families and cares for them.

3. The Hunt Is Not Yours Alone.

In love marriage it is solely your responsibility to find the right match. So you need to go through heartbreaks, cheating, breakup and all sort of bad stuffs. But when it comes to arranged marriages, you know that it’s your family’s responsibility to find the suitable partner.


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