We all go through the beginning of a relationship where we can’t keep our eyes and hands off each other. We fall head over heels for our guy. Everything seems special at that time. But as the time passes, everything starts to fade. First you see small changes, but then it just keeps on increasing. Now there must be some other reason behind these changes like work pressure etc but most of the times there’s a common underlying reason in this. So, what are the signs and when should you leave him? Read and find out the 6 Signs That He’s Not Interested In You Anymore.

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6. No more support for each other.

He doesn’t support you like he used to do. He might have been very supportive before but now he just asks you to deal with your problems all by yourself. We all need a partner who’s always there for us, but if that support is gone then there’s not a point in sticking together.

5. Always With An Excuse.

He always has an excuse for every missed movie plans, lunch dates, dinners and everything. Either it’s an urgent meeting or a late night shift. Darling, it’s the cue for you to leave.



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