Mood swings are something that we have all heard about. Guys make a big deal out of it. They keep on complaining about their girls having a bad mood etc. But in reality there’s nothing to worry about. All her bad moods can be handled. How? All you need is a little bit of knowledge and charm. So, to know what exactly are the ways To Handle Her Bad Mood.

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7. Have Patience

If she’s showing her best to you, she has the right to show her worst too. She might get stubborn during her bad moods but try to hold your cool. Be patient. Show how much you love her and use this as a device to bring down her temper.


6. Let Her Calm Down

Be it you or something else, that pissed her off, give her some time. As you are the person she is closest to, you will have to handle her bad mood. Stay calm and listen to what she is saying. Give her the chance to vent all her anger. Once she’s done, she’ll automatically calm down.

5. Cheer Her Up

This might not be an easy task but it’s definitely a fun one. Your efforts will show on her face. You will be able to see how your actions bring a smile. Girls are cheered up even with the smallest gesture of love. So, a dance or a romantic dinner is enough to set everything straight.

4. Apologize

There is no shame in saying “sorry” if it’s your mistake. Admit that it’s your fault. Infact, apologizing to your mistake shows that you can own up to your fault. It also shows that you have not let ego come in between you guys. This is a big thing. A simple sorry will make her make her feel good and she will love you even more.

3. Find The Reason

As you are not the reason always, try and find out the reason. Talk to her. Ask her why she is angry. Find a solution for her problem. Once the problem is solved, everything will be back to normal.

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2. Crack Jokes

Not advisable when it’s your fault. Once she has calmed down, try to lighten up the mood. Crack some jokes. A good sense of humor is something that every girl loves in her guy. So, get your funny side up.

1. Give A Hug

A hug can work like magic. Hug is a sign of affection and love. When you embrace her she will feel her nerves calming down. This is the best medicine. If her anger is the result of some hidden insecurity, a hug will make her feel safe and secure. So, hug is a great way of showing your love and supporting her.

We hope you are now all set to handle her bad moods. So, go ahead and set sail for the journey to become her dream man.


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