8 Reasons Why Physical Touch Is Important In A Relationship

As soon as we hear physical touch, our brain runs towards sex. But that’s not it guys. Physical touch is not just sex. It is a form of intimacy. From holding hands too, small pecks, all are physical touch. Now there are people who believe that true love transcends all physical needs but sometimes small physical gestures are needed to prove your emotional bond. So scroll down if you want to know why is it absolutely important to be in touch physically. Here are the 8 Reasons Why Physical Touch Is Important In A Relationship.

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1. It Is Comfortable

When you start seeing someone, some physical stuff feel too uncomfortable. But for example a mere balm rub etcetera. But when this intimate stuff becomes quite natural you realize that you belong together and also you find an innate peace in your relationship.

2. It Is A Stress Buster

You had a long, long day. When you come home, your partner hugs you and kisses your cheek. This is the biggest stress buster ever found. A warm hug from your loved one can do wonders when you are stressed. You at once feel relieved and happy.

3. It Makes You Feel Secure & Sure

When you feel lost or disoriented, just holding your partner’s hand makes you feel secure. You feel you are safe when he is with you. Or when he kisses your forehead, you become sure of his feelings. So, holding hands or being in his embrace is actually a form of security and surety.

4. A Way Of Communicating

When you see him/ her off, and before leaving they play with your fingers and makes eye-contact, you know that they are going to miss you and also that they will meet you again. So physical touch can be a great way to communicate without saying a word. This way you can know your partner even better.

5. Makes Your Bond Stronger

The intimacy actually makes your bond unshakable. You are totally comfortable with each other, you can almost read each other’s physical gestures. What else do we need for making us inseparable

6. It Makes You Happy, Biologically

Yes, you read that right. Physical touch releases a happy hormone named ‘oxytocin’, also known as the ‘love hormone’. This hormone triggers the physical and psychological need of love and makes you happy. So it’s not just important for your relationship, it’s good for your health too.


7. Gives You Confidence

Before going to a meeting or an important business deal, a hug from your partner will increase your confidence level. You will feel more secure and confident and will be ready to face anything that comes your way. So a hug every day will keep insecurity at bay.

8. Because It’s Important

Leaving aside all the factors, physical touch is important because it’s IMPORTANT. Apart from making you happy and feel secure, it’s a constant reminder of love. Physical touch actually breaks the ice that even speech can’t and hence is an integral part of any relationship.
No wonder long-distance couple suffers. Well if you are near your sweetheart, keep these points in head.

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