Will he call? What if he doesn’t? Was it only for this night? Do you often worry about these after hooking up? Well, worry not cuz this article will make sure that you know who’s gonna pull a Joey Tribbiani and who’s gonna show brains again?Here are 8 Things He Will Do If He Loves You.

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1. He Will Go The Extra Mile

If a guy is totally into you, he will always try to make it a special evening. Be it a romantic dinner, or a movie night, or with a sensuous massage, he is gonna get your mood all listen up.

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2. Foreplay

If he loves you he’s not gonna get in the tunnel directly.Your guy will worship each and every corner of your body. Quite like the lesson that Monica Geller gave to Chandler Bing, a 1, a 2, a 1, 2, 3…7 7 7 7 7. Yeah, right guys, we have seven.

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3. Intimacy

Just being on the bed and doing the thing is not intimate. Intimate is when he maintains an eye contact throughout the journey or should I say, pilgrimage.


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4. Yes Ma’am

Well he might let you lead.Yes right. If he loves you he isn’t there just for the drilling part then he is going to take your pleasure in consideration too. He will please you in every possible way and make your clit dance.

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5. Fantasyland

Fantasies are going to be fulfilled. If he loves you he will not back off from realizing your fantasies. He will even take extra initiative for satisfying you. And also will talk about the kinds of stuff that he wants. Now be a sport and get going.

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6. You are awesome

That’s what you are gonna end up hearing girl. Your guy will be totally vocal about his pleasure. Oh and don’t forget those intense ‘I love yous’ with the movement of your head (if you know what I mean).

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7. Detailing

Doesn’t matter if he’s in his climax. If he loves you he will still notice your every moan, twitch and lip bites. And not only he will notice them but will tease you too with these cute little details.

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8. Let’s cuddle

This is I guess the most important part. If he is there just for the $ex, he will leave right after the finale. But if he loves you he is going for the long run, be ready for the after-$ex cuddle or talk.

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Now, that you know all these ladies be ready to kick out any guy from your life who is not ready to do these things for you! 😉


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