How often does this happen that you are out having an awesome time with you girls and your guy just can’t stop calling or texting you? Did you think that it’s kind of cute and he is being like this just because he is worried about you? If the answer is yes then it’s time for a reality check. If your guy is behaving this weird it hints that your partner is clingy in nature. If this is true then being insecure and over the top jealousy are just on the way. So, your partner is clingy, what can you do about it? It’s time to pay attention and learn the ways of tackling a clingy boyfriend.

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1. Your phone keeps on vibrating

It doesn’t matter where you are what you are doing your phone is always on. If you are not physically with him he will always try to keep a tab on you either via text or via calls. When your partner is clingy, he will forget that you have a life.

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2. Create a scene when you don’t respond

You just came out from a meeting and your phone just won’t stop vibrating. the worst part is when you call them you just find out that there was absolutely nothing wrong with him. He was just nervous because you are not picking up the calls.

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3. Attractive co-workers are a problem

when your partner is clingy he will be very disturbed if by chance your coworker is an attractive man. He will continuously keep a tab on you just to know that you are not cheating on him.

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4. Social media

When your partner is clingy social media possesses a great threat to your relationship. Trust us, this questions may be from the year 2010 or 11 which is way before you guys met. If this is happening to you then it’s a red sign.

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5. Can’t go without them

if the thought of going out without your partner makes you laugh with pain then it’s a sign that your partner is clingy. Spending time without him is not an option for you. He is always there and if you just ask about the alone time, you are pretty much in trouble.

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6. Take me

So, you made a plan with your BFF and guess what, he is coming along too. When your partner is clingy they will not care whether they are invited or not. They will just tag along.

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7. They don’t have any friends

In most of the cases, the guys who are clean G lose all the friends because they are much more interested in spending time with the loved ones. However, this never ends in a happy way.

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8. No hobbies

When your partner is clingy, he won’t have hobbies of his own. All that matters now is your hobbies and interests. Isn’t his friends but his hobbies too that have parted ways from his life.

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9. Constant reassurance

We all need a little bit of Assurance in our relationship. It just makes us feel more loved. However, when your partner is clingy, he will need this reassurance constantly. Your surroundings won’t matter to him.

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Familiar with these signs are you? Then it’s time to act. Just be careful not to handle the situation in a harsh way.



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