The biggest dilemma that girls face is to decide whether the man they are dating is a real man or a playboy. Because of this we sometimes lose the perfect gentleman. There’s a common notion that girls always chooses the bad guy and they don’t give a damn to the good guys out there. But the question is how to know who’s bad and who’s good. Well not to worry as we are here for the rescue. These are the 9 qualities that you will come across if he is a gentleman. So, read along and find out the 9 Things That Proves He Is A Real Man.

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1. He respects you.
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If he is really a sophisticated guy, he will always respect you. He will adore the way you handle your life or face certain situations. Whereas if your guy is a playboy, he will be all about your body.


2. Committed.
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He will have a strong character. No being will be able to tempt him. So, there’s no absolutely no chance of cheating. A real man will always value the woman in his life.



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