Statutory warning- read at your own risk, When we are in a relationship there are times when the truth is something else and we sugar-coat it just so that our partners don’t feel bad after hearing it. The same happens with your boyfriend. There are tons of stuff that he’s dying to tell you, but cannot because those will hurt you real bad.Here are 9 Things Your Boyfriend Wants To Tell You.

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1. He hates calling you

Yeah right. At the start of a relationship when everything is new, he wants to know you, he will call you. But as time passes on, this urge vanishes. So, when you call him and wanna start up a conversation, the possibility is, he’s not even listening properly. This is the first thing that your boyfriend wants to tell you but he can’t.

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2. You have put on weight

So, when you get ready and you ask him how you are looking? he might wanna tell you that you look fat. This will devastate you and he knows that. This is the reason, that he chose to lie.2eb600a5 925f 46ec bb8b 77a6f4a79693 560 420 - 9 Things Your Boyfriend Wants To Tell You


3. You are a terrible cook

Let’s face it, we are no Cat, Cora. Well so every time you cook something and ask for his feedback, he lies. Obviously, he can’t tell you a terrible cook at your face. But, your boyfriend wants to tell you this thing.

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4. Your face looks funny

Lipstick…check mascara…check, eyeliner…check, contour…check, boyfriend feedback…so not check. Your guy knows it will break your heart to know that you look like a potato. So when you ask, “how do I look?”, he is left with no choice but a plain lie. Instead, your boyfriend wants to say you look like a cartoon or an egg (in my case).

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5. Please shut-up darling

Sometimes you bore him. We girls might find it amusing to talk about makeup or dresses but that is so not the case with the guys. So, when you keep blabbering about this stuff, all your boyfriend wants to say is shut up.

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6. I hate your folks

Yup, that’s true. Doesn’t matter if he’s laughing his a*s out with them, don’t think they are getting along. He hates them. Well but it’s ok though, for we are not in love with his parents either. So next time keep this in mind that the hate part is mutual for both of you.

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7. I take thee, Rachel… Emily

Who can forget this iconic situation of Ross Geller saying the wrong name at the altar? This will be your case if your guy doesn’t want to marry you. He might nod along whenever you make future plans, but deep down, he is wondering how to tell you the truth that he’s not sure about getting married. Well, all the best if he finds the guts to confess.

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8. Find better friends

He knows that your friend circle matters to you and you don’t wanna hear anything negative about them. This is the reason he has chosen to be silent. Showing the shortcomings of your friends will only take you to a bad mood and your guy knows it. So lie lie lie.

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9. He doesn’t miss you

Don’t lose your heart over this. Truth is bitter. So if you are fainthearted, stop asking whether he misses you. You won’t be able to handle the naked truth. Also, it’s not always possible to miss someone. I am sure there are times when this happens to you too. So, just sleep on it.

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Girls, you might want to confront him after reading this but do let him know that we aren’t this weak to handle these tiny truths. And for guys, don’t name your cowardice “girly sentiment”. We are stronger than you can imagine.


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