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A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick

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If you are way too confused about your love life, what kind of boy or girl you want, what kind of a relationship is suitable for you etc then let me tell you, you are in the right place. We always wonder about our love interest paying less heed to our zodiac signs. How are zodiac signs coming into the scenario? Ever heard of compatible zodiac signs? No? That’s your bad. These compatible zodiac signs decide everything about your love life. When in doubt, look for the compatible zodiac signs. Keep reading if you want to know how your sign is going to help you in finding true love.

1. Highly compatible zodiac signs

This happens when you are dating someone of the exact zodiac sign. Same traits the make the most compatible zodiac signs. When you date someone with the same zodiac then all your qualities and personality traits match. And, when everything matches there’s nothing left for dissatisfaction. But so much of common can lead to boredom. That’s when opposite zodiac signs come into the picture.

A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick


2. Not so highly compatible zodiac signs

Opposites attract. And it’s actually true. The zodiac signs are placed along a circular system. And, if your partner’s zodiac sign is directly across from yours on this zodiac vector, it can make a pretty good pair. Though the opposites are not highly compatible zodiac signs it’s still worth it. According to a famous astrologist, you can either be polar opposites where you just wanna rip each other’s head off or you can as peaceful as yin yang.

Opposite Signs:

Aries + Libra

Taurus + Scorpio

Gemini + Sagittarius

Cancer + Capricorn

Leo + Aquarius

Virgo + Pisces

A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick


3. Compatible zodiac signs are 5 places away

Astrologers believe that compatible zodiac signs not always make a happening couple. Reason? You already know a lot about each other. But if you really want to grow in your relationship then the best thing to do is to choose a zodiac sign that is five places away from your own. These zodiac signs can be a handful but if you find that perfect guy, it’s going to be the most compatible zodiac signs together.

Signs that are 5 place apart:

Aries + Virgo or Scorpio

Taurus + Libra or Sagittarius

Gemini + Scorpio or Capricorn

Cancer + Sag or Aquarius

Leo + Capricorn or Pisces

Virgo + Aquarius or Aries

Libra + Pisces or Taurus

Scorpio + Aries or Gemini

Sagittarius + Taurus or Cancer

A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick


4. Same elements make for great compatible zodiac signs

Every zodiac sign is grouped according to the element they represent i.e., water, air, earth, and fire. If you find someone from the same element group then it’s going to be a cakewalk for you guys. There will be peace at the core level of the relationship. But there needs to be free in this relationship. You can’t bind each other.

Matching element signs:

Water: Cancer + Scorpio + Pisces

Air: Gemini + Libra + Aquarius

Earth: Taurus + Virgo + Capricorn

Fire: Aries + Leo + Sagittarius

A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick


5. Zodiac signs that are three places apart

These signs aren’t the best compatible zodiac signs but are definitely the sexiest. They might break up or fight a lot but there’s always a raw sexual magnetism working between them. Once they overcome the fighting stage, there’s no stopping them. These pairs call for the power couples if not the most compatible zodiac signs.

Signs that are 3 places apart:

Aries + Cancer or Capricorn

Taurus + Aquarius or Leo

Gemini + Pisces or Virgo

Cancer + Aries or Libra

Leo + Taurus or Scorpio

Virgo + Gemini or Sagittarius

Libra + Cancer or Capricorn

Scorpio + Leo or Aquarius

Sagittarius + Virgo or Pisces

Capricorn + Aries or Libra

Aquarius + Scorpio or Taurus

Pisces + Gemini or Sagittarius

A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick


6. Here comes the friend with benefits signs

Dating someone who’s just 2 signs apart from your own will feel like dating your BFF. The catch is the sexual chemistry between you guys. The communication, the connection, the bond everything will be great except for the fact that you guys will require an extra effort. Also, don’t forget that you guys might get back to just being friends.

Signs that calls for this situation are:

Aries: Sagittarius or Aquarius

Taurus: Pisces or Cancer

Gemini: Aries or Leo

Cancer: Taurus or Virgo

Leo: Gemini or Libra

Virgo: Cancer or Scorpio

Libra: Leo or Sagittarius

Scorpio: Virgo or Capricorn

Sagittarius: Libra or Aquarius

Capricorn: Scorpio or Pisces

Aquarius: Sagittarius or Aries

Pisces: Capricorn or Taurus

A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick


7. Not at all the compatible zodiac signs

The signs that are just next to each other are definitely not the most compatible zodiac signs. There will be a lot of problems because of the difference of personality. But these differences can actually make you grow and learn from each other.

These signs are:


Aries: Pisces or Taurus

Taurus: Aries or Gemini

Gemini: Taurus or Cancer

Cancer: Gemini or Leo

Leo: Cancer or Virgo

Virgo: Leo or Libra

Libra: Virgo or Scorpio

Scorpio: Libra or Sagittarius

Sagittarius: Scorpio or Capricorn

Aquarius: Capricorn or Pisces

Capricorn: Sagittarius or Aquarius

Pisces: Aquarius or Aries

A Guide For Compatible Zodiac Signs For Your Next Pick



We hope you sit with a zodiac sign chart the next time you open tinder. Or at least remember the compatible zodiac signs and you are good to go.

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