We often hear people complain about how the spark has vanished from their relationship over time. They either blame it on their partner or the nature. This is not true. Sometimes it’s because of our own fault that we lose the spark and excitement in our relationship. And most of these stuffs are actually some actions that we make in bed. I believe there must have been times when you come from the office and can’t wait to get intimate with your partner. But after it’s done, what do you do? That’s an important part that most of us tend to ignore. Scroll down to know the After sex Mistakes That Are Killing Your Relationship.

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10. Calling Your Kids In.

Kids are the most special creation but most of the couples actually treat a kid as machine of sacrifice and relationship killing. Exactly. Just because you have a kid dosen’t mean that you have to sacrifice every damn thing in your life. Kids are the beginning of something special so don’t let it become the reason of an ending. So, just after the moment’s over, don’t call your kids in. Let your kids play etc and you enjoy the post-love-making bliss.

9. Heading Towards Work.

You might have an important work assignment to complete or some other incomplete work. But heading to your sex just after you had your partner will hamper your sex life. So, after having this special thing, stay in the bed and cuddle.

8. Complain About The Session.

It’s not a paid service you know where if not get a proper service, you head for the consumer redressal. If start complaining after sex, your partner will feel that he/she is incapable of satisfying you. It will make them feel inferior and the feeling of equality is important in a relationship.

7. Television.

Great appliance but can create disturbances in real life. Switching on your television just after the love-making session will actually make your girl feel that you were thinking about the match or your favorite show throughout the time. So not a good move. Let your television have some rest and meanwhile enjoy the steamy session you just had.

6. Immediately Starting To Get Dressed.

What you got a plane to catch? No? Then what’s the damn hurry? Immediately starting to get dressed will actually result in a bad relationship. Your partner will think you were all about sex. You just wanted sex, now that you have got it, it’s adios.

5. Picking up your phone or novel as a bedtime tradition.

You might have the habit of checking your phone or reading a novel before you fall asleep but after sex this is not a good move. It kills the mood right away. It actually shows that you were doing it half-heartedly.

4. Dozing off soon after.

Nobody likes a sleepyhead. Yeah I am sure you are tired but snoring just after you had sex is a big no. Your partner will think that you were tired all along and were doing it just for the sake of it.

3. Leaving your partner to sleep in another room.

Even if you guys sleep in separate rooms everyday but today’s a special moment. Don’t go separate ways. Spend time after having sex. Cuddle.

2. Immediately grabbing something to eat.

I know sex makes some people hungry but heading to the kitchen or the refrigerator is really a dumb move. Were you thinking of food all this time?

1. Rushing to clean-up.

Your partner’s not an insect you know? And rushing to the washroom to clean up just after having sex will give your partner the feeling that you find them filthy. Not good for any relationship.

Were you making any of these mistakes in bed? Well now that you know, don’t make them again.


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