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How To Be The King Of Her Moans

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I guarantee, after reading this, you will never be the same person again. You will be considered among the greatest men in the world. And by $ex, I don’t mean the usual morning and night ones. Get ready to have your mind blown.WITH THIS 40 MIND BLOWING POINTS YOU’II BE THE KING OF HER MOANS,SCROLL DOWN AND READ HOW TO BE KING OF HER MOANS.

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1. $ex in an empty movie theater. How wild is this.

2. $ex started by a nibble kiss.

3. $ex where you just close the door and get down at her.

4. $ex that starts with a mere good morning wish in the kitchen and later, all the shelves shaking.

5. $ex that ends with a lot of cuddle.

6. $ex with so much $exual energy that you just can’t hold it inside you, anymore.

7. $ex with $exy moaning.

8. $ex where you can’t control your voice cords anymore and become loud and ignorant to neighbours.

9. Wild sex against a wall.

10. Aggressive sex that almost send you in search for a new bed. If you know what I mean.

11. $ex with your favourite song playing in the background.

12. Bed to shower $ex.

13. $ex in a bathtub along with a mini spa treatment.

14. $ex that sends her mid-air.

15. $ex that ruins the clean bedsheet.

16. $ex that make ignore your phones.

17. $ex where you start chanting each other’s names.

18. $ex with multiple orgasms. Need I say more.

19. $ex with a constant eye-contact.

20. $ex with you imagining an ice-cream, in not a very ice-creamy place.

21. $ex with you going down at her.

22. $ex with continuous kissing.

23. $ex with continuous touch.

24. $ex when you narrate the entire thing that’s going to happen and then actually following the narrative.

25. $ex in the driver’s seat of your car.

26. $ex at a family gathering because you can’t keep your stuff to yourself anymore.

27. $ex when she takes the initiative.

28. $ex that is missionary.

29. $ex where you open her bra at one go and don’t fumble.

30. $ex when she seduces you in your study and you take her in the desk. 31. $ex which leaves marks on her body.

32. $ex in the middle of an argument.

33. $ex while you guys are cuddling together because she’s irresistible.

34. $ex back to back because once wasn’t enough.

35. \$ex orally, only.

36. $ex with a never ending foreplay.

37. $ex so good that she is left a bit shaky.

38. $ex that ignore the weirdness.

39. $ex where you don’t finish in like 5 seconds, or 5 hours

40. $ex with both of us cumming together.

Now you are all set to be the king of her orgasms. 😉

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