Every living being needs little bit of attention. Yes, every living being. Even your cat wants you to play with him. So, being humans, we just need a little more of attention. Every now and then, girls struggle to be their guy’s center of attraction. But all plans just go down the drain. So, how to make sure that you do catch his attention without being all clingy and needy. And not only for a moment. How to rule his thoughts throughout the day and how to get his attention ?These are the 5 Ways To Get His Attention.

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5. Be Confident.

If you want to be attractive, first, be confident in your own skin. If you don’t respect yourself, how can you expect others to do it. Never think of yourself lowly. When you are confident, you give an aura that is unmistakable. Nobody will be able to resist their urge of thinking about you.

4. Maintain Yourself.

This is the best that you can do for yourself. You can’t expect people to notice you, if you are wearing rugs. You might be a carefree person but for someone’s attention you gotta dress up. It’s not using a tonne of makeup. Wear good clothes, a good perfume will also do.


3. Show-Off Your Best Feature.

If you want his attention, work smart. Make him notice you. Show-off your best. If you have nice lips, try a bold lipstick with minimal eye-makeup. If you have good legs, wear dresses that compliment it.

2. Don’t Make Yourself Appear Needy.

Guys get creeped out real quick. So, don’t roam near him throughout the day. If you want his attention, make sure you are giving him little bit of attention. Make small talks. But also show that you have other work too, beside talking to him. If you show how much you need him, he’s gonna run away godspeed.

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1. Smile Please.

This is the easiest thing to do. If you want to look attractive, smile more often. Men love girls who are pleasant and happy. So, no matter if you feel sad. Never let your inner feelings surface. Be chirpy and energetic when he is around. Nobody likes a person who looks miserable. So, get your best foot forward. These tricks will work wonders if followed carefully. Seeking attention is a very tricky thing. So be careful while doing it.

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