Girls. The most amazing creation of God. What would happen to this world without them. Though being amazing, they as a species, still remain a mystery for most of us. And that is the reason when it comes to impressing one of them, we always make the wrong moves. Online dating sites must be taking over but the good-old offline moves are still to be taken care of. So scroll through if you want to sweep her off her feet.Here are the top 5 ways to impress a Girl. 

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5.Don’t Get Off The Ground In a Conversation.


Hold yourself. Most of guys, while talking to a girl, keeps complimenting her or just talks about her talks. This is actually quite irritating. At one point she will be really bored and will friend zone you. So, when you talk to a girl try talking about your hobbies or the things that you are interested in. Also ask her about her likes and dislikes. If discussing certain topic, stay firm to your views and opinions. Girls really like smart guys. And this will actually show that you got a brain.

4. Be Prepared To Impress a Girl.

Girls generally don’t get impressed by only branded stuffs. They actually go for the way you carry yourself. So don’t be a brand mannequin, rather, wear a dress that you can carry well and that suits your personality, wear a nice watch, choose a spectacle that highlight your face. Trim or shave your beard properly. All these are stuffs to be taken care of before approaching a girl.



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