You must have a girl in your life, who always does crazy stuff when you are around. And you might name these her insanity but the underlying reason behind these is, love. Yes, you read that right. When a girl falls for someone, she gets all red-cheeked when that person is around. She will not leave any stone unturned for making you see her true feelings. But then there are signs that go unnoticed and you end up with a wrong person. So, how to identify these signs and acknowledge them? Don’t worry, just read and find out the 6 Signs That Show She Really Loves You.

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1. Easily Impressed

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Even your tiniest gesture will through her off her feet. She will be talking about that for the entire week. Not only this but her friends will know every detail about it too. When something is really special for the girl, she will always share it with her girlfriends.

2. Your Enemies Are Her Enemies

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Don’t be shocked to find her by your side in every fight. If a girl is totally crazy about you, she will make it her priority to watch your back. So, picking up a fight with you means picking up a fight with her.

3. Remember All Your Firsts

She remembers all your replies or the special things that you have done for her, by heart. She can quote you without even a single mistake. When a girl loves you, she remembers every time, place, and thing.

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4. Tells you Everything

So basically you become her personal diary. Yup. Be it a joke or a bad day, be prepared for those long calls/ texts. She waits eagerly for the time when she can text you and tell you everything. Though you have not seen her family,, you know what her brother did with the daughter of her mother’s best friend.


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5. Catches Your Mood

You don’t need to tell her about the long day you had. A mere ‘hi’ is enough to tell her everything. She will immediately sense that something is not right. Now, this is not possible for anyone if they doesn’t know you inside out.

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6. Brings You Gift

Your birthday, your dog’s birthday, there will always be gifts. When a girl loves you, she will try her level best to make your special days even more special.

Surprise gift thumb - 6 Signs That Show She Really Loves You


So, do you have someone like this in your life? Do not let her go. I repeat, do not. Ask her out and have a happy life ahead.


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