I still vividly remember when Rachel said “no uterus, commitingno jokes”. And how this line has become a harsh reality for most of the boys. Well so here’s to those 4 bloody days (quite literally).Here are the 10 Stuffs That Your Period Make You Do…

1. Stab-chop-hide

Well, we definitely know how many times we have walked committing a murder during those days. Basically, our heads remain so hot that you can make an omelet, although don’t try this as we don’t wanna rip your head off.

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2. Emotional leakage

Oh yes we can even cry over a tiny chocolate. Our emotions are just on the edge. We can cry over a shitty text to horror flicks.

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3. Our brains in wonderland

We have our share of wild imagination during this time. Our brains just don’t want to stop. Actually we can write a blockbuster with these. And we promise a bestseller.

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4.Worst dresser of the day

Even makeup doesn’t lift our mood. And wearing our favorite dress seems like washing it in mud. I swear I have a stack of bad dresses for this”auspicious” occasion.

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5.The double face

You are having the worst cramps of your life but if you are in public…well just don’t curse. Your body is going through a hell lot of pain but girl you gotta smile. If this doesn’t qualify us for Bollywood I don’t know what else will.

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6. I am on my period dude

Do you have a grudge on someone? Or do you wanted to tell someone something? Trust me, this is the best time to do it. If things don’t work out as you wanted them to, you can always blame it on your period. Just say “period made me do this” and you are all set.

7 - 10 Stuffs That Your Period Make You Do



7. Great to get your way

This is the weapon of mass/bf destruction. Haha. Yes you read that right. Do you want him to do something? Just start saying how miserable period make you feel and you are good to go. That’s how dangerous this thing is.

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8. All drained

Doesn’t matter if you just woke up, you will still feel all tired and drained. The biggest challenge is when your exams are near and you gotta study. People should put this as a task in Roadies.

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9. Baby U awake

Only love doesn’t keep you awake. Exactly. Even period can do so. If you are a katthak dancer during your sleep then it’s the most painful part. As soon as you make a pose a siren goes off in your head, wong-wong-sleeping-wrong.

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10. I wanna go too

Uterus-Planning a trip are you? Me- yeah. Why? Uterus- well I am going too… me- USER DIED Nothing is more painful than realizing that you will have your period during a much-awaited trip. But that’s the way our uterus work.

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Well, as much as we curse it but two girls in period takes 5sec to become friends. So a great way to make friends.


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