Now there are plenty of articles telling people why should they sleep with their partner, the benefits this will have in the relationship, how it will solve many of your problems etc. But what are the effects that these will have on you? So, let’s have a look at the effects that take place in our body after making love.

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The most important thing that happens is, the man’s DNA stays in your vaginal space. It doesn’t matter how many times you wash it but it will be there for some time. This is what makes you long for him after you guys have slept together. The reason because you want him physically and emotionally is because of this DNA. If you have multiple $ex partners then there will be multiple DNA traces. In this case, you will have a mixed feeling as those traces will be sending mixed signals to your brain.

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This actually casts doubt on certain concepts like, “friends with benefits”, or, ” one-night stands”. This phenomenon shows that no $ex is meaningless. After every encounter, you will be left wanting the person even more. S$x can never make you forget someone but will definitely brush up your memory.

It doesn’t end here. The more you have intercourse with the same person, the stronger the signals become. This is an actually a secret of the long-term couples. So, it’s not just the emotional understanding but the added advantage of shooting signals that make them irresistible to each other.

Now that you know the tricks, remember that nothing is meaningless, not even S—-E—-X.


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