Top 5 Health Benefits of Ice Cream

If you are tired of the scorching heat and want to take an ice cream break, we are here to give you all the more reason to have an ice cream. Did you say it’s bad for health? Are you sure? Well, too much of anything is bad but if you eat an ice cream once in a while, there are plenty of health benefits that you are getting. Don’t believe me? Please read if you want to know the health benefits of ice cream.

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1. Lose weight

According to a study that was published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition showed that women who ate one full-fat dairy product on daily basis, are less prone to weight gain. But if you are thinking of going for a tub full of ice cream and still have these health benefits, it’s not going to work. Opt for a half-cup of vanilla or chocolate ice cream as it has about 140 calories, 7g fat and 14g sugar. This quantity will give you the best benefits of ice cream.

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2. Fight infertility

According to a study published in Human Reproduction, women who eat a full-fat ice cream more than twice a week are more likely to get pregnant. These women face a considerably lower risk of ovulation-related infertility. It’s because of the benefits of ice cream that you should eat it more and more.

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3. It’s healthy

Till now you knew that ice cream only has milk, cream, flavouring and sugar. It’s because of nutrients present in it, that there are so many benefits of ice cream. For example, calcium and phosphorus are good for bones, potassium and energizing B vitamins will prove helpful in lowering blood pressure.

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4. Ice cream makes you smile

No I am not making it up. This is proven in a study done in a psychiatric institute in London. The researchers studied some people who were given vanilla ice cream. As soon as they tasted it, they became happy. Any cold thing activates the orbitofrontal cortex of your brain that is responsible for your happiness. Will you still say there aren’t any benefits of ice cream?

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5. Increased libido

Ice cream gives you all the more reason to get under the sheets. The calcium and phosphorus increase your drive and your muscle strength. Health benefits of an ice cream is actually a bit shocking.

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Want an ice cream? Don’t be afraid now that you know the health benefits of ice cream. Go and get yourself a scoop.

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