One thing that’s holding this world together, except gravity, is love. There isn’t a single person on this planet who hasn’t tasted this sweet nectar. And if someone claims they have never fallen in love, either they are bluffing or they are from Pluto. And when it comes to love, the first one always takes a special place. Be it the first day of school or your first salary slip. The ‘first’ things remain special throughout the life. If you have never parted ways with your first love then you are the luckiest person alive. But if your first love went down the drain then definitely give this a read and find out why your second love is more special than the first one.

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The world gets crazy on the mention of first love. People sign, dance when it comes to first love. But is your first relationship really that special? Don’t you think that you are not giving enough credit to the second person? When you met heartbreak for the first time and thought this is the end of the world, it’s this second chance that reignited the passion and showed you that every night is followed by a dawn. This second person showed you that loving again is easy. They exhumed your dead heart and gave it all the love it needed.

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Your second love makes you so comfortable that you don’t have the need to stalk your ex anymore. You lose all your interests in your ex. Now all that matters is the present person in your life. This person makes you feel safe and secure. You lose all your insecurities. This person makes you a more confident human. Now you know how it feels to be in a true relationship.

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So, if you ever had this sinking feeling or you had some doubt about your second love, always remember that they held you up when you hit the rock bottom. They collected all the broken pieces of your heart and mended it. Your first love was immature, whereas, your second love is mature and stable. So don’t ever compare these two. Comparison between these two is actually a disrespect to your second love. Give your second love all the credit and don’t reconcile with the past.


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